Monday, 19 April 2010


                                                    MY VIEW

Just thought I'd write a bit about the season so far and how I feel about things. Its been a really tough season,  I'd actually goes as far as saying its the worst season I've ever experienced as a Liverpool supporter,  I know that over the last twenty or so years there has been so many downs like obviously Hillsborough,  Kenny leaving etc. but with all the lows we've had there was always stability in the club.  After the events of last season  where to be honest with you I felt we punched above our weight finishing so close to winning the league I think this season has been more of a realistic season although obviously disappointing stemming from the off the field troubles which have now  reflected on the field,  whereas we got away with it last season. All these rumours all season with the owners and selling and the debt we're in,  are we getting a new stadium or not there has been so much speculation all season long and I think this has certainly had an effect on performances on the field.  Hopefully now with our newly appointed man at the helm although supposedly a Chelsea fan,  he makes a difference to our plight and brings investment in to provide funds for transfers which I believe are vital as we look to be out of the top four which we have taken for granted for years.

RAFA  -  I have supported Rafa throughout but I wonder if he has taken us us far as he can,  to be fair he has been cruelly exposed with injuries this season which any manager and team would struggle with.  But you look at the team when our key players are unavailable and you see the replacements and you say to your self  just not good enough.  Prime example Torres who's been out most of the season,  replacement N'Gog,  not good enough,  not experienced enough,  so our goal threat is nil.  You look at some of the players he's let go,  Alonso obviously biggest miss this season but there has been many more Keane, Crouch, Bellamy,  I could go on,  the thing with these guys was they were all seasoned pros,  whereas now I feel we don't have enough experience in reserve.  Also I feel Rafa has been so negative with his tactics and team selections worrying about the opposition rather than letting them worry about us.  Two holding midfielders for most of the season typifies it for me,  home form has been good this season but away from home we can't buy a goal its woefull with our lone attacker,  whoever it may be left isolated with no support in these games,  so I feel his tactics have to be questioned,  on the plus side these tactics work well against the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and Man U but not against the likes of Bolton, Hull, Burnley etc.
  There has been a lot of speculation about Rafa's future this season which I don't think has helped either,  with the latest being about the Juventus job.
  But overall I have to say will it be better bringing a new manager in.  It means we have to start from scratch again,  new manager bringing in his new ideas, new staff,  new players etc. whereas Rafa will say work in progress. So I say stick with Rafa.
  GERRARD -  Biggest disappointment of the season,  been troubled with injuries earlier in the season but has not looked his usual driving self all season,  usually weighs in with many goals but very few this season.  I just wonder if he's had enough of Rafa or fed up carrying this team which he has done for years.  I'm fearing he's had enough and will want away in the summer because at his age this could be his last chance to move,  and with the likelyhood of no Champions League football next year he may look elsewhere.
  TORRES - Another frustrating year picking up so many injuries and missed so much of the season,  last night's news of him being out for the rest of the season sums up his and Liverpool's season basically.  Worrying about his fitness in the last couple of seasons,  you begin to wonder if he's going to be another Michael Owen.  Also worryingly is with no fourth spot will Torres be swayed to leave in the summer if somebody comes in,  time will tell.
  THE FUTURE -  It has been good to see the likes of Reina pledging his loyalty to the club as for me he has been our player of the season.  I do think we have a good nucleus,  strong right through the middle of the team.  Paramount that we hold on to our key players for next season,  and also strengthen with signings,  but finances will dictate that.  Off the field in recent weeks there seems to be more optomism of investment and even talk of the new stadium so fingers crossed.  I actually think with no Champions League football next year it could help us concentrate on the League so it could be to our benefit although maybe not financially.
  Overall I think there is a lot to look forward to starting with the Europa League,  hopefully we can end the season off on a high and then look forward to next season.
  But I have to say I am still proud to be a Red with the way everybody has stuck together in this season of struggle has been humbling and very comforting.  Great just being a one of many supporters of this great club.



  1. Positives and negatives really. Reina as you say is a positive plus the negativity in the squad especially from Stevie is a negative too. I think when the sale of the club goes through we'll have a new outlook and we'll be able to put this period behind us.

  2. I agree just think its been down to the uncertainty off the field

  3. Rafa has to go for me, he has made far to many mistakes he cant use off field problems as an excuse for finishing 5-6 maybe even 7th in the end this is his squad his tactics. Martin Oneill is rumored to by unhappy at villa i think he would be a perfect man for liverpool

  4. agree I actually was hoping for O'Neill at the time Rafa came in