Monday, 20 September 2010


                                     MATCH REPORT

I just had to make our badge bigger than theirs as they will never be as big as us. This is my view of yesterday's game as I never got to see the game live other than the last 15 minutes and the highlights last night, so forgive me if my report is not up to scratch. I had been looking forward to this match all week long, like I'm sure all Liverpool supporters. Always one of the key dates on any Liverpool fan's calender, but after the indifferent start we have had this match had more importance than usual.
                                     THE TEAM

After resting so many players in midweek and still coming away with a good win, Liverpool's regular players were back for this one. Personally I thought Hodgson put out as good a team selection as he could have not many arguments from me, A little surprised Cole was out on the left with Meireles playing just behind Torres but I thought it looked good with Poulsen playing with Gerrard and Cole can play out wide where he was mostly used with Chelsea. I was pleased with the rest of the team although I prefer Kyrgiakos to Skrtel or Agger but I know I'm in the minority and I was expecting Hodgson to bring back Skrtel.
                                    THE MATCH

With what I saw on television and heard on the radio it seemed to me that Liverpool played second fiddle to United in the first half, with United dictating the play and Liverpool struggling to make any headway or chances. Although Man United were on the offensive for most of the half they never really created many openings. One of their best chances coming after a good move from Berbatov and Rooney which resulted in Nani having a great chance inside the Liverpool box which he snatched at pulling the shot wide.
                                          Berbatov celebrates

Liverpool's only real attempt on goal in the first half came when Johnson cut inside from the right and fired a shot well wide. But just as it looked like Liverpool were going to hold out until half time, United struck, Giggs sent over a corner kick which Berbatov headed into the near post and into the Liverpool net. It can only be described as a very poor goal to lose as Liverpool defended very badly at it. Torres in particular was holding onto Berbatov but from behind instead of standing in front of him making this such an easy header for Berbatov. Konchesky was partly to blame as well as he wandered from his near post and may have been able to block on the line.
  A massive disappointment for Liverpool just before half time but it could have got worse before the end after a loose header back to Reina struck Carragher on the arm  and the Man United players appealed for a penalty thankfully referee Webb waved them away.
                                      Berbatov's second goal  

The second half was a totally different game with goals a plenty from the nervy, cagey first half. Man United were still the better team but Liverpool were trying to get forward more often as they had to chasing the game. But then it looked all over round about the hour mark when Berbatov brilliantly controlled a cross inside the Liverpool box and with his back to goal he hooked the ball over his head into the net via the underside of the Liverpool crossbar. It really was a touch of class from the in form striker.
  Hodgson made an imediate change withdrawing the ineffective Maxi and bringing on N'Gog to try and give the isolated Torres. The change by Hodgson did make a difference and Liverpool showed they were not going to go down without a fight.
                                          Gerrard celebrates his equaliser

Suddenly a good break by Cole into the United half exposed United and he played a great pass to Torres who accelerated into the United box but as he shaped to shoot he then cleverly cut inside and was scythed down by Johnny Evans giving Howard Webb no option but to point to the spot. The inevitable result with Gerrard scoring and giving Liverpool hope. United seemed rattled and then on 70 minutes Meireles played a ball behind the United defence which Torres read but O'Shea impeded the Liverpool forward sending him to the ground just outside the box. Big question should O'Shea recieve a red or a yellow card ?
  Webb produced a yellow card and O'Shea heaved a sigh of relief. I think Webb got the decision right, as much as I don't like Webb as a referee. It was unclear wether Torres would have got on the end of the pass with Van de Sar rushing from his goal.
 Gerrard hit the free kick and somehow managed to find a gap in the United defensive wall which Fletcher made when he moved, the ball ending up in the United net with Van der Sar left stranded.
                                         Berbatov scores the winner

It really was an amazing turnaround and Meireles was a unlucky not to nod Liverpool in front as he tried to header a searching ball towards the United goal just sending it wide. But this was about Liverpool's last chance as United tried to regain the lead as they made more offensive substitutions as Liverpool countered with Agger and Jovanovic coming on for Konchesky and Meireles. But as I watched the game come to a conclusion I just felt as if United were going to score again and they did. When, with six minutes remaining O'Shea, who was lucky to still be on the park crossed the ball into the Liverpool box and that man Berbatov got up higher than Carragher and headered into the corner of Reina's net, breaking Liverpool hearts.
  Liverpool had nothing left and United ran down the clock winning the game and leaving us gutted.


Quite an amazing game and scoreline but massive disappointment at the end. I think in all honesty it would have been unjust if we took anything from the game as I believe United were far superior but then it was a tremendous comeback that was unlucky not to be rewarded. Before the game however I was confident of beating United as I think we have better individuals than them, but they showed far more desire and play more as a team than us. The first goal was a terrible goal to lose, poor defending. The other two goals we lost well you just have to accept they were well taken goals. I think Webb got the decision right with the O'Shea challenge. Overall United played better than us and they did deserve the win. But I am bouyed by the character we showed to get back into the match as I feared us getting hammered. So although we lost against our fiercest rivals we have many positives to take from the game. Roll on next week and the Sunderland match and back to winning ways in the league.

Man of the match - Gerrard   when all looked lost Gerrard once again pulled us back into the game with his 2 goals.



  1. Hey Jamie, yeah, I agree, a bit gutted by the result, but the second half play was good. I wasn't happy with Roy's selection or formation. Maxi was even worse than I thought he would be and I would've preferred Cole behind Torres and Babel on the wing. I too think Soto is an underused commodity and I actually think Liverpool's best central defender pairing is Soto and Agger. I know there would be an uprising if Carra wasn't in the line-up, but Agger can carry the ball (instead of just hoofing it, like Carra and Skrtel tend to do) and I like having that lethal left foot on the pitch and Soto is a warrior in the air. No way is Berba going over Soto to get a ball. If we can't find a wing option amongst our current midfielders, I'm for moving Johnson up to that role and playing Kelly at right back. I've liked what I've seen from the kid. Anyway, disappointed, but looking ahead.

  2. I have to agree with your first post provider (marked Anonymous), about using Kelly at right back with Johnson providing the right wing attack.
    One point I would like to make is the fixture list that was thrown at us. If Liverpool had played the 5 treams that Chelsea have started with we'd be top of the league and we'd all be happy. I'm not knocking Chelsea, as they can only beat what's put in front of them. I must point out that they have done that very well, I can't see us putting 6 past some of those teams but to beat them by one goal still delivers 3 points.
    Part of me is glad we've had a hard fixture list, to start, as it's helping Roy in deciding who are the big players and, hopefully, he'll get it right soon and we'll start moving up the table.
    Roy has seen how some players have coped with the better teams, he now needs to give Pacheco a chance. Let him play a little longer than the last 10 minutes of a match and show he too can add to our attacking ability. YNWA
    Peter Locke (Exiled Scouser - Isle of Man)

  3. are you a manc in disguise ?

  4. On a more serious note, I was at Old Trafford and our players for most of the game played second fiddle certainly going forward ! Our midfielders seemed clueless on how to create openings with any decent forward passing, Our loan forward half of the time looked clueless on how to make space for himself, he looked lazy and he looked unintrested. The midfield had lots of the ball but a sideways or backward pass was allways the favoured optition , it was frustrating to watch. And when we finally got a bit of luck and hauled our selves back in to the game , instead of going for the juglar we decided a point was enough. Frustrating to say the least. Man Utd where made to look good and they are a decidedly average team ! Berbatov is showing his old Spurs form and he was the difference on the day. We will improve on this performance im sure but please dont let me hear you saying we have had a tough start !!! The teams who have beaten us should of been worrying about there tough start. Enough said Y.N.W.A. Red till im dead :)

  5. I agree with a lot of the points that have been made already and i have to say that with all honesty we were nowhere in the first half though all things considered despite the mancs posessions you'd be hard pressed to remember any real saves from Pepe Reina. I support the vote of confidence for Soto,he's really a throwback to the old days of bustling center halves who bleed for the ball though he is susceptible to a turn of pace as shown for the goal against Steua. My favoured midfield partnership was Lucas and Raul,i think Raul has a lot to offer going forward and Lucas does a stunning job of breaking up play and allowing us to regroup though he does tend to be more negative i thought he would be the perfect foil next to Raul. I dont rate Poulsen from what ive seen in the first 3 games,he just doesnt appear to have any quality though it might be him adjusting to a new league and il reserve my judgement for later in that regard. Ngog has done well this season and lfc looked a different team when he came on,interested to see if Roy ever tries that combination as a starting combination.Maxi looked awful against Birmingham but brilliant against Steau and then awful against the scum so who knows whats going on with he's form at the moment. Im disappointed with the result though i think we are starting to develop a squad at the least, compared to the bench at the end of last season i was pretty pleased to see us naming a bench with Soto,Lucas,Ngog,Babel,Kyriakos and Agger not bad at all, not the mercs that Chelski and Citeh have but at least a solid group that can be built on. Finally lets get the form back and sort it out at Anfield.

  6. I agree with your Comments. I thought the Mancs were happy for us to pass the ball around in front of them, we also over packed Midfield, I would have liked to have saw someone play along side Torres or Support him up front. I don't rate Vidic, Ferdinand returning from Injury, Evans nothing special, So I feel Torres and "A" other could have tormented their back Four. But it's easy to say after the event "What we should and shouldn't have done." Fingers crossed we will get it right sooner rather than later.