Saturday, 7 January 2012


                                            MORE “RACIST” TROUBLE

Liverpool in more trouble on the subject of racism, and the press and the media are enjoying this as they dig their claws into Liverpool Football Club. Just a few days after the club announced that they would not be appealing against the ban on Suarez, we now have the euphoria from the national press this morning after a Liverpool supporter allegedly racially abused Oldham player Tom Adeyemi late in last night’s FA Cup tie at Anfield. It is the last thing the club needed after looking to put the Suarez case behind them.

The media have a way of highlighting these controversial issues more than the football, which actually turned out to be a terrific match. But the timing of such an incident is a major problem for Liverpool after being heavily criticised on their handling of the whole Suarez affair.

There is no place for racism in football and if this incident with a supporter is proved then I’m sure Liverpool Football Club will do the right thing to the individual. I fear Liverpool could receive another sanction from the FA if this supporter is found guilty and it doesn’t look very good for a great club like Liverpool to have their name dragged through the mud with this subject.

But it doesn’t matter how well and how great the results are on the park, mud sticks and this is going to be a difficult time for the club as they try to restore their reputation. The club are still deeply aggrieved by the decision to ban Suarez as they reluctantly accepted the ban imposed by the FA, but they have still showed their support for Suarez although he was found guilty, which has been condemned by many outsiders.

But now with this trouble from one of their own supporters it doesn’t look good on Liverpool. The club are pretty much helpless in a situation like this when one supporter out of a crowd of 40,000 plus has allegedly hurled abuse at a player. How is a club supposed to prevent this happening other than punishing the guilty party after investigation, which they will do. But the media will just blame Liverpool Football Club and label them “racists” as they thrive on stories like this. Obviously such a sensitive subject will be highlighted, but the criticism the club will have to deal with will be difficult in the coming weeks with every move scrutinised and commented on by the nation’s media.

I would love for us all to be reading about a great Liverpool performance this morning, but sadly football has been overshadowed once again.

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