Monday, 13 February 2012


                                            Suarez Let Liverpool Down

I was shocked and disappointed with Luis Suarez on Saturday by his decision to not shake Patrice Evra’s hand. I was more disappointed by his actions because he had the chance to put this sorry episode to bed, and I knew the vultures that are the British media would tear this latest episode of controversy to pieces, and lead to further bad publicity for Liverpool Football Club.

Liverpool have not handled this affair very well as they have showed a siege mentality in their defensive attitude. Liverpool has shown obvious disappointment and anger towards the decision to ban Suarez for a lengthy period. Personally I thought the punishment and the handling of the case was wrong and I was disappointed to see Liverpool accept the resulting ban without appeal. If Liverpool felt aggrieved by the decision then they should have appealed, but on their decision to accept the ban, then they should have just moved on. But there have been constant comments of displeasure from the club concerning Suarez’s ban which should not have happened. Like Dalglish’s comments after the Spurs’ match last Monday.

I was worried when I saw Suarez was named in the team on Saturday, in case something happened. Dalglish should have left the striker out of this game to avoid any kind of controversy, but also his team had been playing well without him and he can’t be match fit after missing so long. Dalglish could have even have named Suarez as a substitute and this would have at least avoided the mandatory handshake before the game.

Rightly or wrongly Liverpool Football Club has backed Suarez during this whole sorry episode and he was out of order and let the whole club down by refusing to shake Evra’s hand. To be fair to Suarez his conduct during the game was first class as he refused to get involved in any shenanigans, but the damage was done and the fallout has been massive. Any news programme on the TV or the radio has been about Suarez and racism, it has been unbelievable, the news has even reached America, prompting an apology from Liverpool Football Club to Manchester United, no doubt from their American owners.

Dalglish looked shocked when told during the post-match interview that Suarez had not made the handshake with Evra and he did the right thing to not get involved with the subject until he knew more. But Dalglish must have felt betrayed by the man he has protected since his arrival to Anfield just over a year ago. I think Liverpool should punish Suarez for his conduct and embarrassment to the club, but I’m not sure they will, however I’m sure he will be well warned over his future conduct as a Liverpool player.

Suarez has made a rod for his own back now and he will be constantly scrutinised by his every move and life will be more difficult for him now playing in this country. It is a great shame because he is such a great talent and a very important player for Liverpool.

I have commented plenty about Suarez and Liverpool Football Club just like the media has, but not mentioned Manchester United. To start with Evra and his actions should see him receive punishment for his apparent role in a tunnel bust up at half-time, but for more seriously for his celebrations at the end of the match, where he deliberately tried to provoke Luis Suarez, this could have caused trouble and Suarez showed great restraint in avoiding retaliation.

But far worse was United manager Sir Alex Ferguson’s comments after the match where he told Liverpool Football Club that Suarez should never play again for them and that they should sell him, he also stated that Suarez has tarnished the history of this great club. Ferguson has no right to tell Liverpool Football Club what they should do with any of their players and he should just concentrate on his own.

I never saw Ferguson kicking Cantona out of Old Trafford after he attacked a supporter, or Ferdinand when he missed a drugs test, or Giggs and Rooney when they brought bad publicity to his club. He did not kick them out because they were important players for him and he protected them. I can’t remember an opposing manager telling him to get rid of any the players mentioned, so why should he instruct Liverpool to do so.

Ferguson just tried to stoke the fire that was already burning and he knew it would ignite the media. Ferguson knows Liverpool are a sitting duck for the media and his comments has worked perfectly too, with every newspaper at the weekend highlighting his comments to get rid of Suarez. The FA should hammer him for this, but we all know this won’t happen. He can do as he pleases and say what he wants, where other managers get punished for their comments.

To end this article I really feel the whole episode has been blown out of proportion by the media, just because a player refused to shake hands with someone he doesn’t like. Suarez was ignorant to think his actions on Saturday would not be highlighted. But the media have overwhelmed their coverage on this incident and they are not helping things. Liverpool is an easy target right now and they are really being savaged by the media, although a lot of the attention could have been avoided. Hopefully the media can start to report on matters on the park now after Liverpool’s recent apology.

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  1. i think evra has a lot more reason "not to like " suarez than the other way round.
    like it or not , suarez was found guilty, dress it how you will, his story did not stand up and he was all but for political politeness deemed a liar by the independent panel.
    all allegiances aside, it was a question of right and wrong and suarez was wrong.
    on saturday he showed his true colours...he has lied to his manager and team , embarrassed his club and showed a lack of class. a simple act of conciliation would have put it to bed..despite some misguided comments by dalglish..
    i think the seasons end may see his departure, talented footballer but poor excuse for a man.