Thursday, 17 May 2012

Dalglish Deserved More Respect From Americans

Dalglish Deserved More Respect From Americans

Kenny Dalglish has been sacked by Liverpool’s American owners, shocking the Anfield faithful to the core.

Kenny Dalglish like any other manager should have been given more time to improve Liverpool’s league fortunes.

But in this modern era of football and “modern” owners, time is not given to managers and they must get positive results immediately or suffer.

But for Kenny Dalglish not to be honoured more time is disgraceful, for a man who has served this club so well over the years as a player and as a manager, and who has his heart in the club.

Dalglish came to Liverpool’s rescue when he got an SOS call from Liverpool’s new American owners aboard the Titanic’s sister ship SS Roy Hodgson.

Dalglish then transformed the club and brought back a “feel good” factor back to the club and got everyone pulling in the same direction.

Dalglish spent a lot of money in the summer with new signings and big expectations for the new season with expectations of even winning the league.

But the league form was very poor and finishing in 8th position was very poor for a club like Liverpool.

But for Kenny to guide the club to two cup finals was a fantastic achievement and to win one of the finals and bring back a trophy to Anfield was vitally important for Liverpool to get back to winning things after going far too long without a trophy.

But inevitably Liverpool’s league form has cost Dalglish his job.

There has been criticism of Dalglish about some of his signings like Henderson, Downing and Andy Carroll not repaying the faith Dalglish showed in signing them, but some players take time to fit in to a new team.

Kenny’s tactics have also been criticised during his time, and his persistence in playing Jordan Henderson was highly criticised.

Dalglish’s biggest mistake was his handling of the controversial Suarez affair which could have been handled a lot better, but Dalglish always showed great support for his players, rightly or wrongly.

Dalglish never handled the media very well and in this era of scrutinised media attention made Dalglish look very uncomfortable.

But Dalglish provided more positives than negatives to Liverpool Football Club and that should not have been understated.

Dalglish has brought the club together and made the squad stronger with the signings he made.

Dalglish has produced a very young team with great potential and towards the end of the season we have witnessed some of Kenny’s underperforming signings start to perform, like Andy Carroll and Henderson looking far better players than they did at the start.

The impressive structure of youth coming through at Anfield that Dalglish should receive great credit for with the likes of Sterling, Coady, Morgan, Wisdom, Silva, Robinson and Flanagan on the verge of threatening for first team action.

But the progress and structure that Dalglish has been building could now be dismantled.

It is a massive gamble to bring someone new in, when Liverpool were making progress under Dalglish, but it seems that Liverpool’s owners are looking for instant title winning success from their manager, regardless of how much of a mess they were in not so long ago.

Liverpool has always been a club that has shown great patience with their managers but this act of impatience by their owners towards a “legendary” figure like Dalglish shows that Liverpool could be turning into a “managerial merry go-round” club like Chelsea which is very worrying.

Far from a disastrous season Dalglish was summoned to America to be professionally executed, the Americans could at least have conducted their calculated business at Anfield, and faced the supporters and media, in what is a massive decision for the club, it is ridiculous treatment for a man who answered their call for help not so long ago.

Time will tell if the Americans have made a very brave decision or a very big mistake, because whoever takes over the Anfield hot seat will have to be very good and hit the ground running.


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