Wednesday, 19 May 2010


                                              ON MY MIND

After a very disappointing season for everyone I think we all need to look to the future as what has happened is in the past we can't chamge that. I honestly felt that the season just finished was a reality check for us as I felt we punched above our weight the season before as we came so close to winning the Premiership. I felt the team players showed great form that season but I felt the strength in depth in the squad wasn't there, and we also managed to steal a few results late on in some games. But I  felt that unless we strengthened in the summer then we were going to struggle especially with the re-emergence of Man City and Spurs and the ever improving Aston Villa, and the only notable signings were Aqualani who was injured for most of the season and Johnson. Losing Alonso and big Sami were massive losses. But I did fear the worst for the season and I'm afraid my fears were realised.
                                            THE PRESENT

well here we are the season just finished and I do believe everybody tainted with disappointment. After the previous season I think most people had high hopes but like I said with not many signings in the summer I feared the worst. To not finish in the top four was the biggest disappointment of the season, obviously the money that is generated from Champions League football is a blow but also the carrot of attracting top class players to the club and being able to hold onto our best players is going to be a problem, personally I think we next season we may get away with it due to the stature of our club, but failure next season just can't happen or we will fall further behind and may even, God forbid, turn into another Leeds United, because things change so quickly in football and you can easily be left behind.
 I don't mean to be all doom and gloom but with I think the off the field activities has been the biggest problem and is bound to affect the results on the field eventually. Rafa just signed a new long term contract and I believe he signed this on the head of promises being made to him about the future of the club, but I feel many of these promises have been broken especially concerning the kitty to bring new players in. But presently it seems Rafa is keen on continuing his job at Anfield and has dismissed any possible move away.
  I still think the foundations of a good team are there if we hold onto our players, the spine of the team is excellent and if we can add a few players in the summer I do believe the future is bright.
                                               THE FUTURE

So next season is going to be massive in so many ways, everybody can have a bad season but if we have another it could lead to a downward spiral. The summer will be very important we need stability and ownership and finances sorted out quickly for the good of the club.  We need to hold into our big players, Mascherano, Gerrard and Torres, there has been so much speculation surrounding them. Also, Rafa needs money to strengthen the squad. I do believe a lot of young players that have came through in the last season have gained great experienc, the likes of Lucas, Insua, N'Gog etc.and this will stand them in good stead for the future. If I was Rafa I would try and sign another top class striker, a left back and a left sided midfielder other than that I don't think we will be far away. I feel the team is not too far away, its just last season the strength in depth was highlighted last season due to the horrendous run of injuries we had last season, surely next season can't be as bad. I also think Rafa has to be a bit more adventurous and attack a bit more especially away from home as our form and lack of goals away from home last season was really poor. I think Aqualani could be a big player next season as he seemed to get better with each game at the end of the season.
  Personally I can't wait for next season to start as I just want last season to be a distant memory and I really think we will bounce back as this club always does.

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  1. I'm hoping Aqua will be big for us next season too. I didn't like the rumours that he was up for sale for £17m when we hadn't really seen anything of him yet

  2. It's hard to let go of the past when it won't let us free. The boardroom situation has to be resolved and we need some new owners soon.

    I don't care if they're not super mega rich like City or Chelsea, just as long as the financial situation can be stabalized. Then everyone's thoughts can return to the action on the field.