Tuesday, 4 May 2010


                                     A SCOUSE WEEK  04/05/10

 As the season draws to a close, one can only be thankfull.  This has in my opinion been the worst season I can remember.  But in the last week we still had hopes of finishing on a high with our Semi - Final tie against Athletico Madrid,  trailling from the first leg to a Forlan goal it was always going to be a difficult task for Liverpool.
  Although we lost I thought it was another superb European night at Anfield,  the suppoerters once again proved that they are unequalled,  right from the off when Benayoun hit that shot in the first minute you just felt it was going to be a special night.  Liverpool gave everything but I felt as the game wore on one or two Liverpool players started to tire and I felt that Athletico looked the most likely to score.  But out of the blue when Bernayoun scored the second in exrtra time I just thought we were going to do it,  but then once again that man Forlan scored the all important goal and sent us spinning out.  Overall I thought it was a brilliant game but in all honesty I really thought Athletico were just a little bit better over the two games.  I couldn't fault any of our players I thought they gave everything,  but I felt Rafa made some strange substitutions.  Taking off Aqualani amazed me as I thought he was playing very well and we lost our creativity when he was taken off.  Then when we lost the goal Rafa took off Mascherano a right back and put on another right back in Degen,  hardly an attacking move,  but what took the biscuit was taking Benayoun off,  man of the match by a mile.  Great night but big disappointment.
  After Thursday night Liverpool had to try and lift themselves for the visit of Chelsea on the Sunday,  it was always going to be difficult and personally I didn't fancy our chances.  Although there was certainly no throwing this game as some quarters did mention beforehand.  Rafa sent out as strong a team as he could and Liverpool started well not making it easy for Chelsea to settle.  But everything changed when Drogba's goal went in after an unfortunate mistake from Gerrard.  Liverpool just seem to feel tired after Thursday night's exertions and Chelsea got a lift from the goal and the second half was just a formality with Liverpool dead on their feet,  but it did look like the score was going get a lot worse had it not been for that man Reina keeping the score down,
  Now only one game to go but I'm sure there will be a lot happening in the coming weeks and months with the speculation about the owners and Rafa and transfer talk so I'm sure it will be an interesting time.


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  1. i was love rafa i don know how da fuck owners sell hem