Monday, 19 July 2010


                                                JOE COLE

Really happy with today's signing of Joe Cole I think this is a massive signing for the club one which proves we are still one of the top clubs and can still attract good players to the club even without the attraction of Champions League football. I knew that there was a lot of talk about Cole maybe coming but you tend to take rumours with a pinch of salt especially with two or three other teams chasing him.
  I think this is massive in so many ways, firstly Cole is one of the top English players and still young enough to see his best years, also he is a very clever and creative player who plays wide and for me is just the type of player that we were needing, I think he will be a massive player for us and will be used a lot more than he was at Chelsea which will only help him as he is a player that likes to play regularly. Cole is a very experienced player as well which is also invaluable and I'm sure he will help the less experienced players around him.
 I have to say I had my doubts about Cole coming up to Merseyside as I thought he would rather have stayed in London with the likes of Arsenal and Spurs chasing him and also with both of them playing Champions League football this season. I have to applaud Roy Hodgson with his effort in bringing Cole to Anfield I think its a major coup for him.
  I also think this signing will make some unsettled players rethink about maybe wanting to leave, the likes of Mascherano, Torres even Gerrard where there has been so much speculation since the season ended. I really think this signing will make a big statement of the clubs intentions for the future that it will still be up there challenging for honours and still capable of bringing quality players to the club. I really think that we'll hold on to our key players now, I really think this signing will sway things in our favour.
  I also think this shows how clever Hodgson can be in the transfer market, he knew we needed we needed a quality wide man and he went out and got him. Now he must bring in a left back as we are really short with Aurellio and Insua leaving recently, but I'm sure he will and look forward to seeing who he brings in next.
  So now I'm starting to get really excited about the new season with our new manager leading us and with I'm sure some more new signings. Lets look forward to a new era and today is just the start.



  1. We've got a nice little squad coming together that could do really well if they play to there potential. Im interested to see how the squad lines up if we have all the players fit and no late sales of big names out of the club.