Sunday, 4 July 2010


                                          ROY HODGSON


I would just love to say that I am so relieved that we have a new manager at last it really was starting to drag on far to long and with our season starting earlier than usual this season it had to be sorted out. I am very happy  with Roy's appointment although my first choice would have been Martin O'Neill. But Hodgson would have been a close second choice for me.  I think he has great experience and gets the best out of his players sets his team out in a very disciplined manner with great tactical awareness.
  But Roy really does have a massive job on his hands I would honestly put his task as big as the one in which Shankly faced with the fact that that this season is a massive one for Liverpool with the fact that after finishing lower than fourth in the League it has the club missing out on Champions League football so it is vital that we get back into the top four quickly because it is financially so important but also it serves as a carrot to intice players to the club and also in keeping the ones happy that are at the club just now. Failure to get back up there this season could see us drift further down and God forbid be like another Leeds United the way they declined.  Especially with our financial situation and this ongoing saga with our American owners it is really going to be tough for Hodgson.  Also days into the job and he has already lost an important player in Benayoun going to rivals Chelsea, not a good sign, I really fear more leaving, I think it is so important that Hodgson can convince the players we have to stay especially Gerrard and Torres they are a must. If he can keep what we have and maybe get a left back, a left midfielder and another striker then I think we could do quite well next season but its going to be really tough for Hodgson especially with not much money in the kitty for transfers.
  But I really dont think we could have picked a much better man for the job with the way he has shown that he can get the best out of what he has to work with and has shown great shrewdness in the transfer market, his experience and expertise will be put to the test though over the coming season .
  It will be interesting to see if he can get more out of the likes of Babel and maybe give some of the younger players more chances with the likes of Pacheco.  I really think he will do a good job and I have a lot of faith in him, his recent job at Fulham was another tough job but what a transformation he made. 
  I would just like to see us all get right behind him and i'm sure we will all do that as we are the greatest supporters in the world.

All the best Roy    YNWA


  1. I think Roy is better option than Martin at the moment. O'Neill would need more money for transfers, to make this team his way. Roy is rather better tactician a man-managment coach so i expect wonders from him :) True about need of getting best out of Babel and rest, but foremost, he need to work on our defence [sad to say it, but maybe time to part with Carragher, saying that i mean sitting him on the bench) Agger, tough guy-Skrtell and Kyrgiakos are the future of LFC for me.
    Anyway, Im trusting in Roy. Gonna be good, have to...

  2. Roy is a good man-manager, which we need. My fear is that he won't be able to do many things different as the owners and bankers haven't changed. My hope is that he can inspire players to stay, and inspire them to WIN. Last season we looked a lot like a team that just couldn't be bothered to work.

    I don't like losing Benayoun, and I'm upset by the Masch rumours. I think King Kenny would've been the man for the job, as, in all honesty, had there been any justice, he would've been given sabbatical in '90-'91, and Souness would never have happened.

    I looked Roy up on Wikipedia, and the man has a long history of some impressive turn arounds at various clubs. He understands the European game as well as the English game, and I think he can do the job, if the owners and bankers stay out of his way.