Friday, 13 April 2012

96 Red Angels

96 Red Angels

On a weekend remembering Hillsborough 23 years on

It is very fitting to have a Merseyside derby at Wembley

Where 96 angels will be

Those poor souls who never returned will never be forgotten

They had hope in their hearts and now they never walk alone

The Reds against the Blues with King Kenny in charge

Just like 23 years ago when the King led Liverpool through those dark days

The Reds triumphed for the 96 angels in the final that year

Now Dalglish and the Redmen will try and win again for the 96 angels

Just like Shankly and Paisley they will never be forgotten

Etched in the fabric that is the history of this famous club

The 96 angels have made this club stronger

The fight for justice and the truth of that fateful day

The cover up

The lies

The blame on Liverpool supporters

But this club stood firm

The family that is Liverpool Football Club is unique

With more history than any other club

There have been many triumphs and disasters

But Liverpool will go on making history

This weekend will provide another chapter

With the 96 angels in attendance down Wembley Way

You Will Never Walk Alone

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