Friday, 6 April 2012


The moment Kenny Dalglish returned to manage Liverpool he has made one thing clear that he will always back his players.

On many occasions he has went on the defensive when questions of criticism have been directed towards one of his players.

Dalglish stubbornly defended Suarez during a very difficult time when his handling of the affair came in for much criticism.

Dalglish has shown great loyalty and belief towards his signings as many have questioned their performances, Andy Carroll being the prime target for the media, as he has struggled to find the back of the net for Liverpool.

Dalglish has steered Liverpool to their first piece of silverware for 6 years, but since then Liverpool’s League form has suffered, losing 6 of their last 7 League games, in what is their worst run since 1953.

Dalglish has been receiving some serious criticism during this run of results that has seen Liverpool drop to 8th position in the League and no chance of qualifying for a Champions League place.

But Dalglish has continued to defend his players as the media’s vultures pick on his players.

Whatever you want to say about Dalglish and his team selections or tactics and especially his signings, you have to respect the way he defends his players from the media.

But now it is time for these players that Dalglish has backed to stand up and be counted as their manager suffers severe scrutiny about his future.

Charlie Adam, Jordan Henderson, Stewart Downing, Craig Bellamy and Jose Enrique along with Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez have all arrived since Dalglish returned for a second spell at Anfield.

But only Luis Suarez, Craig Bellamy and Jose Enrique have pass marks for their performances, the rest have been questioned about being good enough to play for Liverpool Football Club.

It is now time for these players to step up and prove that they are good enough to play at this club and prove their manager’s belief in them.

Dalglish picks the team but when the players cross the line they need to show that they are worthy of wearing that Red shirt and playing with pride.

In recent weeks not enough players have shown the pride or passion or quality to play for this club and yet Dalglish has still defended them.

With a FA Cup semi-final date against Everton due up, these players will need to prove themselves fast or risk losing a manager caused by their poor performances that have resulted in poor results.

The club’s American owners could be forced into a change of leadership if results don’t pick up fast and maybe Dalglish will need a FA Cup win to keep his job, who knows.

I think Dalglish is still the right man for the job and I hope the owners think that too. At a club like Liverpool when results have been so poor there are always alarm bells, but there can be no rash decisions based on a bad run of results.

Look at Ferguson with Manchester United, he was having a wretched start to his career at United but the owner showed faith and look how they have been rewarded, and Dalglish is the right man to take Liverpool forward.

But the players now have a point to prove.

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