Friday, 29 January 2010


                                             LIVING LEGEND CARRA
happy birthday to carra he's been a rock for liverpool for so many years now, stevie and carra are the 2 rocks this team is built around. i always think teams need players in the team who are from their home town and supported the club growing up. with so many imports it is not always easy for clubs to find such players, we at liverpool are lucky that we have 2. you just see the difference in attitude from the likes of carra compared to other team mates, carra is prepared to run through a brick wall for the team, players like this are who the fans love.
for many years now carra has been playing at the highest level and performing superbly. at first carra was a bit of a utility player, playing everywhere for the team, but then he started to play regularly at fullback. but in recent years he has been a mainstay at centre back.
superb at organising the defence, always encouraging, driving the team on, some games he has single handedly kept the opponents out.
off the top off my head i'd say his best performance was that amazing night in istanbul some of the tackles and clearances he made that night were amazing especially when he took cramp in the latter stages of the match. his never say die attitude is an example to any young player.
here's to many more years defending the kop.

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