Thursday, 28 January 2010


so much speculation over rafa, especially with the rumours coming from juventus. personally l;ike many fans i have been baffled by many of rafa's team selections, overly cautious leading to us last season drawing too many games hence costing us the league, which in fairness, in recent years is the closest we have came to winning the league. his disrespect for domestic cup competitions has angered myself and many fans with his team selections, but he is not alone with these ideas, look at wenger, ferguson and many other managers in these cup competions, again for us the fans it does frustrate, we want to win everything.
anyway, i just feel with all my criticism i would like rafa to stay, i think this season he has been extremely unlucky with injuries, and players not playing to their potential, also for a long time now there has been a lot of turbulence off the park especially with these americans.
but i also feel that if we lose rafa it will take along time for a new manager to build his own team and gel and get results, in short it will set us way back, and there is no certainty that the new manager will be better so it is a big risk, and better the devil you know.
look forward to your comments

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