Friday, 22 January 2010


rafa has been under tremendous pressure this year and i think a lot of it is harsh, bad luck with injuries, lack of money, unrest with co-owners, beach balls, the list goes on.
but i do think his cautious style of management doesn't help which i think he has been like from the start of the season.
whereas the last third of last season we almost won the league because he dropped the defensive approach and started attacking more, in my view from the real madrid game till the end, whereas had he done so earlier in the season we would not have drawn so many games.
back to this season he has resorted back to this defensive attitude. in the last few games there has been a lot of positives, with the tremendous team spirit and everybody pulling together it has been a joy to watch the last couple of games just for the sheer determination proving everybody is pulling for rafa especially us the fans . also with stevie g and torres to come back the future looks bright.
walk on rafa

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