Monday, 8 February 2010


                                                MATCH REPORT

what a derby blood and thunder, the way a derby should be played, tackles flying, injuries, controversy, you name it. certainly not a lot of pretty football on offer but thats derby football for you.
very big game for both teams EVERTON on a great run and LIVERPOOL on a great recent run, best of the season.
team selection for LIVERPOOL, i was a bit surprised with the change in defence SKIRTEL dropped for AGGER . in midfield MAXI playing on the left for RIERA other than that i would have picked the same team.
the game was physicall from the off with some really hefty challenges going in, felt the referee tried to let the game flow, but had to start showing cards as it started to get a bit too much. PIENAAR'S stamp on MASCHERANO should have been a red card but only a yellow was shown, then not long after as FELLAINI surged forward overunning the ball KYRIAGOS came sliding in 2 footedly catching FELLAINI although the more i look at it KYRIAGOS went in with 2 feet but FELLAINI went over the ball and basically stamped on KYRIAGOS so i think KYRIAGOS was very unlucky to be shown a straight red card for the challenge. but to go down to 10 men so early in the game was a massive blow to LIVERPOOL having to reorganise, moving MASCHERANO to right back and bringing CARRA into the centre of defence. but to be honest i thought they started to play better a man down. the teams work rate was superb, one things for sure where there's a lot of criticism for lack of quality in the team, there is no lack of endeavour, the battling and chasing for every ball made me proud to be a LIVERPOOL SUPPORTER.
the goal came in the 55th minute when LIVERPOOL got a corner on the left, GERRARD zipped in  a brilliant ball right on to KUYT'S head who was standing inside the 6 yard box getting bumped and pulled by EVERTON defenders , and he directed the ball into the net. with LIVERPOOL taking the lead it gave them something to hang onto and how they fought for it.
EVERTON had more of the ball the remainder of the game but without creating too many chances. LIVERPOOL defended valiantly for the rest of the game and i felt really deserved the win.
i felt there was 11 er 10 heroes today but special praise goes to CARRA who martialled the defence superbly, AGGER brilliant defending all day especially after missing so much of the season, GERRARD gave us that bit of quality but when he had to play deeper after sending off thought he made some amazing tackles.
MAN OF THE MATCH-KUYT worked his socks off as usual but clinical with goal his 50th so deserved.
right battle of a derby and dealt a body blow early on, but team spirit and work rate is inspiring and being rewarded by puting together a good run of results.
next up ARSENAL away.
let's hope we can continue this run of form.

                                         the crucial goal YES !

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  1. couldn't agree more with this post! watching the team get their heads down and battle as they did filled me with pride. i was at the game and anfield was buzzing again, as it has been since the spurs game and i don't think that its any coincidence performances picked up then! the support came first and the results followed, something that every red should keep in mind! also at the game couldn't see how good kuyts goal was, that took some scoring! got to mention the ref he reminded me of when you got a supply teacher at school who starts off trying to be "cool" before succunbing to the pressure and having a complete breakdown, he just wasn't good enough!