Monday, 15 February 2010




   what do you think of RYAN BABEL ?
personally i am still unsure of him. i would like to try and explain what i think of him at present. BABEL was a big money signing at a very young age which may have been a weight on his shoulders which makes expectations so high, i think young foreign players need time to settle in to a different country with different cultures etc.
as far as RYAN'S performances have gone i have felt he has had some great games and some not so great games. i think his lack of consistency in his performances has to do with RAFA'S consistency in selecting him. i have seen RYAN play a great game then he has been substituted or dropped for the next match, now for me this does nothing for a player's confidence especially to a young player.
       i think if BABEL was to get a regular game he would become a big player for LIVERPOOL, but recently with media speculation there has seemed to be displeasure from BABEL towards RAFA at his lack of opportunities and then transfer speculation in the transfer window concerning BABEL.
but now that the transfer window has closed we have seen BABEL getting some game time coming on as sub in some recent games and hoefully puting him in RAFAS plans once again.
personally i think RAFA doesn't play him that often because BABEL is a very attack minded player and his desire to work and defensive side of his game are questionable, and RAFA always sets his team out to be very hard working and in my opinion bordering on defensive making BABEL a luxury.
i think BABEL will have to change his attitude to get a regular game in this team because of RAFAS attitude, because i don't see RAFA changing his style of play.
        i think BABEL has so much potential he has explosive speed, great skill and what a shot, he is a player that excites me but also i can see RAFA'S frustration with him they way in which he can give the ball away easily and fail to track back.
i do think he is a luxury type player but he is a dangerous player who can do something out of nothing.
if i was playing him i would like to see him out wide either flank i think he would be a danger as long as you have back up behind him ie. AURELIO on the left or CARRA on the right to give BABEL that freedom to attack also i would like to see him playing just behind TORRES with GERRARD playing deeper in the centre of midfield.
problem is i am not RAFA and time will tell if he is going to get a chance to make an impact here.

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  1. I feel Babel needs more matches under his belt. Rafa should play him more during Europa League matches so he gains more confidence. We've seen some marvelous shots on goal made by him, and we've seen
    matches were the pressure may have been too great on him. Maybe it's a chemistry issue with the rest of the squad, or maybe just notenoughtime on the pitch. I think we shouldn't lose faith in the lad yet.

  2. I've given up on Babel. I was very excited when he arrived and saw loads of potential in him. But unfortunately Babel has proven that he doesn't have the work ethic, dedication, or head to become a great footballer. The aspects of his game that needed improvement 3 years ago need just as much improvement now. He has pace and a strong shot, but he lacks any idea of where he is supposed to be, what he should do with the ball and where he should run off the ball. He's an athlete, but he has no brain for football. He is no longer a kid.

    I'm frustrated by people who try to peg his lack of development on Rafa by saying he hasn't played him enough. One doesn't waltz into the side because they have potential. They must prove that they deserve the spot. I have yet to see one match in which Babel was overall "good". He has great moments, but never good full matches. He may have a wicked shot on goal, but then he'll go missing for 80 minutes.

    He does better coming off the bench when he's facing tired legs, but he doesn't have the mentality to be a super sub, unfortunately. He has proven that time and again with his whinging in the press. The attitude is all wrong. He has a sense of entitlement that is not earned or deserved. And for that reason, I cannot see him making the changes he needs to make, and putting in the grueling work that needs to be done, in order to become a top class footballer. It's a big disappointment.