Monday, 1 February 2010


transfer window is closed and once again we've been very quiet. but with everything going on at ANFIELD in recent times its hardly expected. with these AMERICANS at the helm who don't seem to have their heart and soul in the club. you just feel with the problems and lack of stability off the park we shouldn't really be expecting a lot of money being spent. also, with the attempt at trying to raise finance for the new stadium and also speculation wether RAFA is staying or going, the lack of activity in the transfer window was only to be expected.
to be honest with you, i really only felt LIVERPOOL only needed the likes of a striker anyway to back up TORRES.
even at that, especially in recent games i have seen vast improvements, especially with all the injuries to key players. i've felt the defence which has been shaky most of the year has tightened up, ironically with arguably 2 of the most critised members of defence SKIRTEL and KYRIAGOS, in my opinion the 2 of them have been superb. only thing is knowing RAFA he'll probably change the defence especially when AGGER and JOHNSON comes back.
i also feel the midfield not looking too bad, with MASCHERANO, LUCAS playing well together and the option of AQUALANI who is getting sharper every game the centre of midfield looking ok, on the left RIERA, AURELIO option of BABEL, on the right new signing MAXI, KUYT, DEGEN to mention one or two on the right, the midfield looks pretty good.
up front GERRARD who is getting sharper, TORRES when he's back, KUYT is an option, so is BABEL, obviously N'GOG who is improving all the time, also youngster PACHECO who looks a prospect.
so all in all i feel we don't look in too bad a shape for the remainder of the season.
i just feel this season we have been ravaged with injuries, and a lot of players not playing to form but i think there are a lot of positives for the rest of the season.

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