Tuesday, 23 March 2010


                                                  4TH SPOT

Can we get fourth spot after another setback?  We've had so many setbacks this season, but now we are running out of games, and the margin for error is getting slimmer.

I personally, think that we can win all of our remaining seven games and if we do that I think we can get fourth spot.  Even the Chelsea game at home, I think we can win, which comes second last game of the season and our last home game of the season.
Other teams chasing fourth place have games in hand but I think they have tougher fixtures, and I believe they will drop many points, but don't get me wrong I know its out of our hands and we do need help from other teams but we have been in this position before and have the experience of achieving champions league qualification before and this will stand us in good stead for the remainder of the season.
I do believe we need our big players to step up to the plate, Gerrard has not had a great season and we have never needed him as much as now. Torres as well, who to be fair has been carrying us with his goals but he has been becoming increasingly frustrated in recent games and was quite lucky to stay on the park on Sunday.
I also think Rafa has to go for a more attacking approach for the remaining games of the season, as we need to win games not be satisfied by not losing, where far too often his team selection is based on. Would like to see more of Aqualani and Babel, they give us more of an attacking look and made a big difference in last week's fixtures.

So come on Liverpool let's finish on a high.
  More of this will do nicely                                                                                 



  1. I don't think 4th spot is over yet for us, I'll agree it will be difficult but the other teams will drop points my main worry is City as this season they have been hard to beat ok they've drawn a lot but I think they've only lost four games all season. I think Spurs have the most difficult run in they still have to play Arsenal, Chelsea and Man U who are all in for the title and they still have City and villa to play so there are definetly points going there.

    I think we need to be more concerned about ourselves rather than what other teams are doing and we should be fine, especially if rafa sets the team up for a win rather than being cautious.

    Is anyone else worried about the statement Torres came out with about maybe having to consider his future if we don't get 4 or 5 quality players in Summer? I am scared we are going to lose him as I just can't see us having the money to bring in the sort of players Torres is looking for. Maybe this is why he is so frustrated in all the matches he is playing in at the moment. I must admit i would die if he left us for another prem team.

    Sorry just realised I've turned my comment into an essay lol.

  2. really interesting comments and agree with you, yes it is worrying about Torres and his comments, but if we fail to qualify for fourth spot i fear an exodus of our top players never mind being able to attract or afford quality players, so fourth place is really important.