Tuesday, 2 March 2010


                                                    PEPE REINA ( THE LEAGUE'S BEST)

i just thought it would be appropriate to write an article on PEPE REINA especially after his superb display against BLACKBURN at the weekend.
i've been impressed with REINA since he arrived at LIVERPOOL. i reckon he's been the best since BRUCIE and its along time since we marvelled at his clowning but more importantly his heroics between the sticks.

REINA came to LIVERPOOL in july 2005 in part of the RAFA revolution after leading VILLAREAL to a champions league berth, and becoming a bit of a penalty expert saving 7 of 9 penalties that season.
his form in spain brought him the reputation of being the best keeper in spain.
REINA has been tremendous from day one at anfield and in may 2006 he helped LIVERPOOL win the FA CUP beating WEST HAM in a penalty shoot-out further enhancing his reputation as a penalty expert,
the following season he helped LIVERPOOL go all the way to the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL emulating his father's achievement of yesteryear. unfortunately for REINA and LIVERPOOL AC MILAN won revenging the ISTANBUL defeat 2 years earlier.
REINA has been and still is one of the first names down on RAFA'S team sheet.

in my opinion REINA is the best keeper in the league his consistency and reliability are second to none.
he is very brave not scared to take a knock for the team. he is very good at coming off his line for cross balls which you don't see many keepers good at, he always seems to get something on the ball even when he fails to catch it giving his central defenders great reassurance when they see their keeper doing this and taking the pressure off them having to deal wth ariel threats.
REINA'S agility and reactions are unbelievable when you see some of the point blank reflex saves you see him time and again saving.
also superb at dealing with pass backs and is very good with the ball at his feet good control and very good clearances.

REINA'S best attribute that stands head and shoulders above any other keeper in my opinion is his distribution, i haven't seen another keeper that is so dangerous with the ball in his hands. the second REINA collects the ball he is always looking to lead an attack wether it be throwing it or kicking it forward to start an attack. i would like to know how many assists he's had .

                                REINA at his best



  1. What a man. the guy is destined to be a Liverpool Hall of Famer.

  2. Just wanted to say I love your Blogs all very informative an accurate.
    I agree with your summing up of pepe he has been the most consistent keeper in the league over the last few seasons.

    Thrilled with the news he is signing a new contract just the news this club needs at the moment.
    It also sends out the message that we are a club who has some of the top players in the world.