Friday, 12 March 2010


                                               MATCH REPORT

another massive game for LIVERPOOL and another poor performance topped off by losing another late goal in europe. but to be honest there wasn't much deserved from a performance that was so similar to monday night's display, when after that you would have looked for a far more positive reaction.
the playing surface was not best and you may use that as an excuse to LIVERPOOL'S poor play on the night but i'm not buying that its the same for both teams..
                                              THE TEAM

RAFA sent out a very strong looking team one that i wouldn't argue too much about i think JOHNSON would be the only one that i would have questioned especially after just returning from injury.

                                              INSUA had a difficult night

GOALKEEPER- REINA played well on a difficult surface made some good saves but felt he should have read the flight of the ball better at the LILLE goal
RIGHT BACK- JOHNSON struggled all night hardly got forward passed poorly and torrid time defending would question his fitness with his lack of running
LEFT BACK- INSUA given a roasting all night feel he's struggling confidence wise right now and struggled with HAZARD all night
CENTRE BACK- CARRAGHER one of few who deserved pass marks defended well although couldn't manage to get on the end of HAZARD'S free kick which flew straight into the net
CENTRE BACK- AGGER was ok struggled once or twice with LILLE attackers running at him
LEFT MIDFIELD- BABEL one of those games that highlight why RAFA doesn't play him regularly one or two good moments but missed best chance of the match and gave the ball away too often
RIGHT MIDFIELD- KUYT very poor game hardly heard him mentioned before being subbed
CENTRE MIDFIELD- LUCAS not strong enough struggled to hold onto the ball gave away too many free kicks
CENTRE MIDFIELD- MASCHERANO worked hard but also found it tough with LILLE dictating play
CENTRE MIDFIELD ATTACKING ROLE- GERRARD very quiet once again this is a game where you felt the captain had to set an example and even looked at times like he wasn't interested, very worrying
CENTRE FORWARD- TORRES worked his socks off with no help around eventually getting frustrated leading to a booking unlucky not to score with a good header
                                        HAZARD'S goal in the 85th minute

                                             THE GAME

LILLE came out the traps and left LIVERPOOL wondering what had hit them. LILLE set up attack after attack and it took about 15 minutes for LIVERPOOL to get a foot hold in the game. TORRES worked and tried his best with very little support, TORRES in fact created a great chance for RYAN BABEL on 26 minutes sending BABEL through one on one with LANDREAU but could only hit a tame effort at goal which LANDREAU saved with his right leg.
LILLE still had most of the play with LIVERPOOL looking very lethargic and not showing much energy at all everything being done very slowly when in possession.
they did have a good little spell just before half time TORRES being fouled on the left hand edge of the box, GERRARD hit a good shot which LANDREAU parried away to safety but in the same attack JOHNSON with one of his few crosses put one into the LILLE box and TORRES got a great jump and sent a good header towards the bottom right hand corner but LANDREAU produced a great save.
                                               TORRES tries again with no support

the second half was worse than the first half especially after LIVERPOOL ending the half quite well. LILLE controlling the play and looking dangerous and LIVERPOOL giving away possession so easily and with no pace in their play, also far too many silly free kicks were being given away one of which led to the goal, when you give so many free kicks away in your own half at this level you are only asking for trouble and thats what LIVERPOOL got with only 5 minutes to go HAZARD out on the left whipped in a superb inswinging free kick which everybody missed and with REINA not tracking the flight of the ball was left rooted to the spot only to watch the ball fly into his right hand corner.
things could have got worse when AUBAMEYANG shot against the outside of REINA'S left hand post with a slight deflection off AGGER, that would have been a disaster had it went in.
GERRARD looked like he was going to equalise in the dying second only for a LILLE defender to make a tremendous last ditch block.
                                          GERRARD denied in the last minute

very poor performance, lack of heart from certain players, very pedestrian when in possession and not hungry enough to chase and close the LILLE players down, very worrying performance and i can't see how RAFA can be happy with his players after this. didn't really deserve the draw theyv played for.
just not good enough for these loyal fans. those diehard fans that travelled should get their money back out of the players pockets, PATHETIC from LIVERPOOL.

MAN OF THE MATCH- CARRAGHER true red tried his best with so many passengers around him good solid display



  1. Most frustrating was that at some points we actually WERE playing well, creating chances and controlling possession. They just couldn't keep it up throughout the 90 minutes and at the end were indeed playing like they did on Monday.

    Walk on, this is one hell of a storm.

  2. it's a first for me because I can be an awkward critic but I think I actually agree pretty much with everything you said about the team.

    Lets hope Portsmouth is a better day for us

  3. I am actually very depressed this week and serious worry about the future of my club. In a nutshell I'm wore out :-(