Friday, 19 March 2010


                                                    MATCH REPORT
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although it was not the champions league it was still another great european night at anfield. another massive crowd producing a great atmosphere, obviously lifting the team from the off.

personally i wasn't sure how this game would pan out with LILLE being a free scoring team this season and LIVERPOOL struggling to score all season and really worrying about losing an away goal which would make this a mountainous task.

                                                    THE TEAM

it was a shame AQUALANI was missing after his great performance on monday night, but i do believe he was ill. MAXI is cup-tied so there had to be a change there. LUCAS and KUYT came in and did really well, LUCAS surprisingly for everybody playing more of an attacking role and looking good doing it.
overall i was happy with the team that was selected.
                                            GERRARD after scoring the early penalty

                                               THE MATCH

LIVERPOOL started well puting LILLE on the back foot from the kick off with some sharp and good passing moves creating one or two early openings, LIVERPOOL knowing that an early goal was required, and it came when LUCAS of all people burst into the LILLE box with a tremendous run before being brought down for a stone wall penalty.
GERRARD stepped up to the plate and slotted the ball into the corner of the net sending the LILLE keeper the wrong way. great start for LIVERPOOL just what they needed, they kept playing well throughout the first half. but LILLE are not a bad side aswell and they came into the game and looked lively on the break and got into some dangerous positions but LIVERPOOL defended well.
midway through the first half REINA pulled off a match changing save when LILLE broke right through the centre of the LIVERPOOL defence but REINA came out so quick to narrow the angle and managed to get a hand onto the shot which looped up and onto the top of the LIVERPOOL net, and saving LIVERPOOL from losing that dreaded away goal.
                                             LUCAS is brought down for the penalty

the second half started the same as the first with LIVERPOOL on the front foot and within five minutes of the restart they were two in front when TORRES raced onto a long ball played into the LILLE half and finished the move off with a a clinical chip into the LILLE net as the keeper raced out towards him, it was a touch of world class finishing.
                                                 TORRES scores LIVERPOOL'S second goal

but after LIVERPOOL scored their second goal they seemed to get very nervy as the half wore on and kept giving the ball straight back to LILLE inviting pressure. the LIVERPOOL defence became very hasty with their clearances and the crowd became very quiet and anfield became very tense as a LILLE goal would have changed the tie completely. KUYT produced two tremendous long range shots on target in the space of minutes.
but as LIVERPOOL feared another late goal against them up popped GERRARD in the dying minutes with a great run into the LILLE box and hit a great shot which the LILLE keeper saved only to fall to TORRES who controlled and turned to produce a great finish into the LILLE net and give the anfield a huge sigh of relief.
a very enjoyable game with both teams trying to score, but in the end a great result and now LIVERPOOL can look forward to a quarter final.
                                                     THE TEAM

REINA didn't have a lot to do but produced a great save midway through the first half
JOHNSON looking fitter and getting into more attacking positions defended well
INSUA good game defended well and made some great runs forward
CARRAGHER solid game made one superb last ditch tackle in the second half and kept the defence solid
AGGER good game although felt he became nervy in the second half with some of his clearances and pass backs
BABEL frustrating night felt he kept running in to good positions with no delivery, still think he needs a run in the team
KUYT usual hard working performance and a couple of great efforts on goal
MASCHERANO tremendous workrate good passing as well
LUCAS really good game, great run for penalty and got forward a lot more
GERRARD good game from the captain, cool penalty, some quality deliveries from set pieces
TORRES looking back to his best, world class display, 2 great goals

MAN OF THE MATCH- TORRES just superb and the 2 goals were world class finishes, but gives so much to the team



  1. Was a great game to watch. from the on set the boys looked good going forward, with their passing putting them into good positions. With the impressive game Lucas had do you think he will be starting ahead of Aqua this Sunday? thats if Aqua isnt "sick"?

  2. yeh i think Lucas will start on sunday

  3. Great write-up, awesome pictures! Thanks! I'm hoping Aqualani Sunday, he is much more creative.

  4. Aqualani is more creative, but Lucas played in the previuos win over United. and along with Mascherano, out played both Scholes and carrick. I thi9nk benitez will be looking to do the same on sunday. Either way, YNWA!!!!!

  5. Must admit, the nerves where jumping through the last 20 minutes of the match, knowing that one goal could change everything.

    Great result, nice to see some positive performances and results, onward to United!