Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Last 24 Hours

Liverpool signing Suarez was great news for Liverpool supporters yesterday but typical of our season was after the great news of the new signing came massive disappointment with the news that Torres had handed in a written transfer request to the club. With the obvious interest from Chelsea this felt like a dagger in the heart to me as I was at work last night and heard the news around midnight last night. The thought of one of our main players going to one of our fiercest rivals is unthinkable and worrying, I thought the Kenny Dalglish factor would have settled Torres down as he has looked unhappy throughout the season but since Dalglish came back there has been a big difference in his attitude, so his interest in wanting to leave surprises and saddens me. If we lose him we will probably be worse off than a week ago, ok we have Suarez but we have to see if he can do the business in a different country, whereas with Torres we know he can, and once again we are back to having one recognised striker with no time now to bring in another with the transfer window close to shutting. I just don't think we can keep him now as he has stated that he wants away and all I think we can do now is hold out for as much money as we can for him. Torres was loved at this club but this last 24 hours I'm sure he has lost a lot of friends especially wanting to go to a rival club, if he wanted to back to Spain then I think the supporters would understand but this move is unnacceptabe in my and many supporters eyes. Whatever happens over the next couple of days Liverpool will move on and continue to be supported by the greatest supporters in the world.



  1. Well! well! well! A stab in tha heart 4 evry lfc fan, after gud news abt suarez then nando wants 2 live pain in di arse indeed bt, even if he might nt go he hs lost trust of the fans, i dnt hv confidence in him anymore! But the question z who can replace him if he insists ta leave, @ dis few dyz!!! Wel! i dnt knw 2, i thnk the best way iz keep hm never alow an greedy motherf**ckerz 2 snatch hm frm us, as u said it aint gud ta sell playerz ta our livalz never never never! Iz a big mistake!!! I suggest we shud try our very best ta keep him @ anfield!

  2. The transfer request has been a huge shock but I think we should follow (and I hate sayin this) the Mancs lead, aswell as Arsenal and City...messrs Rooney, Fabregas and Tevez all believed they had the power to orchestrate moves out of their respective clubs...Now Rooney is a bit different as we all know that it was money driven and death threats forced him to stay (aswell as a pay rise)..
    Liverpool should continue with the stance they have taken, Torres is under contract and we dont have to sell him...Fergie threatened to leave Ronaldo in the stands for something similar 3 yrs ago and he got an unbelieveable season from him....dig in and let him honour his contract, give us one more season then leave. Thats what I would look for...still, I am gutted he wants to go. On the flip side if we got 50 million we could bring in extra players.... what to do ???

  3. Liverpool won't sell him, if they do it will be in the summer but hopefully Torres will have come to his senses, especially after he has forged a brilliant partnership with Suarez over the last months of the season. If we did sell him now, we wouldn't have time to buy another striker which would leave us with Ngog, Kuyt, Suarez maybe and some youngsters Pacheco maybe. Yet Ngog and Pacheco aren't ready to lead the line without a main striker. Kuyt works hard yet I don't think he's a 20 goal a season man and Suarez will probably need some time to fit in. I just hope Torres doesn't go.

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