Wednesday, 26 January 2011


                                         THE LIVERWORD NEWS 26/01/11

Transfer Rumours -  Reports suggest Liverpool have stopped negotiations for Suarez and Adam as the American owners are unhappy at the valuations for the two players.
THE LIVERWORD SAYS -  I hope this is not true as they would be great additions to the team,

Transfer Rumours -  Ajax have set a deadline of Saturday for Liverpool if they want Suarez.
THE LIVERWORD SAYS -  Need to act fast or we will miss out Comolli and Americans need to show us how much ambition they have.

Transfer Rumours -  Holloway wants to keep Adam until the end of the season.
THE LIVERWORD SAYS -  With his valuation of him he can keep him for good.

Transfer Rumours -  Suarez is to hold talks in the next 48 hours with Ajax to try and reduce their £30 million asking price.
THE LIVERWORD SAYS -  I hope it works because I don't see us paying that kind of money.

Liverpool Reserves will now play Blackburn at Prenton Park on Monday 28 at 7pm. They will play Blackpool at Bloomfield Road on Thursday March 3rd at 2pm.
THE LIVERWORD SAYS -  I'm sure Kenny will take a great interest in these fixtures to see who is worth a chance in the first team.

Lucas has urged his team mates not to get carried away just yet after that good win against Wolves.
THE LIVERWORD SAYS -  I don't think any supporters will be, results have been so up and down all season long.

Mark Hughes has admitted that he's worried of the timing of this fixture as Liverpool have been rejuvenated under Dalglish's leadership.
THE LIVERWORD SAYS -  Yeh I bet he wished he could have played us on the original date.

Dalglish has told his players to use the backing of the Anfield crowd to help climb the League table.
THE LIVERWORD  SAYS -  The crowd certainly has been more vocal since Kenny returned and what a lift it gives the team. Our 12th man.

Milan Jovanovic admits he feels priveleged to be working with Kenny Dalglish.
THE LIVERWORD SAYS -  It might just be what Jovanovic needs to get his career going at Anfield by working with Kenny.

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  1. Suarez we need hm too mch, i hop he'll do dat, we need to streghthen our atackin footbal! As u said its beta ta cal off adams deal, then use that money n buy suarez! The ownerz shud knw dat we needed change, nt excuses! In my view its beta to buy one striker 'suarez' than buy midfielder yet we have meireles, lucas,shelvey! I guess wit these playerz our midfield z beta, wit suarez n elnino upfront! Maybe if we buy onother winger, lyk dawning!!! Dat i'll be a gud move!