Friday, 21 January 2011

What Kenny Will Do For Us

I was in my bed sleeping on Saturday the 8th January at around mid-day because I was working nightshift that night, when my wife burst into the bedroom to ask if I was awake. Well if I had been sleeping I was awake now. She went on to tell me the news that Kenny Dalglish was the new manager of Liverpool. I was overjoyed like most Liverpool supporters with the news. I had obvious sympathy for Roy Hodgson who had came in at a difficult time but a change was needed.                    
  Dalglish has been my hero since I was a boy and he is the one reason why I started supporting this great club. The day he left the club was like a dagger in my heart, a death in the family. I think the club have made the right move bringing Kenny back. The club has had a nightmare season and needs to sort it out quickly and in my view I don't know of a better man for the job. Kenny's heart is in the club, he knows the club inside out, he knows the players even the youngsters and he was a top class manager. Yes, he has been out of management for a long time but I don't see this being a problem for Kenny. He has come in with a baptism of fire with his first game against Manchester United in the FA Cup which we unfortunately lost, followed by the trip to Blackpool which we took an early lead in but failed to hold onto, losing the match 2-1. Then last Sunday it was the Kenny's first game back at Anfield against Everton, of all teams. It was an encouraging performance eventually drawing the game 2-2.              
  Admittedly its not the start we the fans or Kenny would have hoped for results wise. But I have saw such a difference throughout the club from the fans to the players since Kenny has came in. Everybody seems to have had a massive lift with Kenny coming in. The supporters have been an extra man in recent games with their singing and the players have showed a commitment and energy so often lacking this season.     
  Dalglish will bring a more attacking team to the field which the supporters will love as we have endured too much of a cautious approach in recent years under Hodgson and Rafa. Dalglish will get more out of his players with his experience and also with his legendary status, just look at the difference in Torres already. Dalglish will also give the youngsters a chance as we have seen already with the likes of Kelly getting a run in the team and Spearing playing against Everton. Kenny will be a tremendous asset aswell in bringing new signings our way I think players will want to come and work with such a legend, he has so much respect in the game.
  So I believe if anybody is going to turn our fortunes around then Kenny is the man for the job. He cerainly has gave the club a massive lift and suddenly everybody is pulling in the same direction which can only be good for our future.


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  1. Well, I couldn't have said it better myself. Good read!